Two dramatic regions.
One unique collaboration.

Scientists from the Alaska and Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Centers will join together in cross-regional research, cultural engagement, and synthesis.

This work will provide forums for scientists, managers, and students to explore the steep watershed ecosystems in these areas and exchange knowledge to support climate adaptation.

a group of people walk through a field beneath a mountain

Sharing science and perspectives at Science Summit to strengthen PI-AK connections

By Molly Tankersley | January 27, 2023

Amidst the short, cold days of early January in Alaska, the balmy coastline of O‘ahu seems an unlikely place to find research connections. But this month, a group of Alaska CASC researchers gathered at the PI-CASC 2023 Hawaiʻi Climate Adaptation Science Summit to learn and share their research as part of the Pacific Islands-Alaska CASC,…